Pro-Ject Connect It DS, Balanced Cable (1.23 M)

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Connect it Phono DS miniXLR/miniXLR (z.B.  X2 B -> Phono Box DS3 B)

What is True Balanced?

Balanced audio connections are usually known from the professional sector like recording studios or live concerts. It is very important to have a stable & interference free connection, as these signals will be highly amplified. The same applies to the connection from your turntable to the phono preamplifier. The big advantage of a balanced connection is its ability to remove picked up noise and interferences. And best of all, cartridges by nature are already balanced signal transducers! With True Balanced your are simply using everything, literally everything, that your cartridge is picking up from the record groove. You are not throwing away half of the usable signal, like is done in typical single-ended RCA phono connections.

Features Include:

  • Metal connectors
  • Ultra low capacitance
  • High quality stereo NF cable
  • Optimized for turntable connection
  • Low distortion level & neutral sound

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