TEAC LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable (Certified Refurbished)

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TEAC LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable


The "LP-R550USB" can easily dub analog records and cassettes sound source to CD-R/RW for music with a sense of a boombox, it is a turntable/CD recorder including cassette player. Features Include:

  • Allows easy recording of records, cassettes, radio, and auxiliary audio input to CD-R/RW
  • In addition to recording to CD-R/RW, the LP-R550USB can also record analog records, cassettes, and AM/FM radio to a PC. A USB connector cable is provided.
  • Record LPs, CDs, radio, and cassettes to PC via a USB connection
  • In addition to recording to CD-R/RW, the LP-R550USB can also record analog records, cassettes, and AM/FM radio to a PC. A USB connector cable is provided.
  • 3.5 W + 3.5 W amplifier and bass-reflex type stereo speakers designed for music
  • Featuring bass-reflex type speakers to boost low frequencies, the LP-R550USB is ideal for both recording and listening to music.
  • RCA pin jack input/output for connecting existing audio player equipment
  • RCA pin jack auxiliary input/output terminals let you easily connect other audio devices.
  • 3-speed analog turntable with auto-return feature
  • The turntable can play LP and EP records—even 78 rpm SP records. The auto-return feature automatically returns the tone arm when the record has finished playing.
  • Automatic or manual setting of track numbers when recording to CD
  • Remote control provided as standard to control functions at a distance from the unit
  • Bright, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Dedicated buttons for frequently used functions ensure ease of use
  • Styluses for EP records are also available (sold separately).


Rare sound source such as analog record or cassette tape saved onto CD-R

Nostalgic analog records are carefully stored, also precious cassette tapes of live performances get easily recorded with air check on CD-R/RW, to be easily played on your existing audio equipment and car audio system. Magnetic transfer and the demagnetization in long-term storage, influence susceptible cassette tapes, also storage of records is difficult due to quality deterioration, it is definitely possible to save for longer time by CD-R. Representation of the panel is written in English so that you become comfortable with many of the features immediately.

Also exhibit a sufficient function as an audio player

Record unit supports 33-1⅓, 45, and 78 RPM, If you use your SP board dedicated exchange needle (Sold separately) you will have a more faithful SP board playback. Radio tuner supports the reception of AM and FM. You can, of course, record the sound of the radio onto CD-R/RW. It boasts excellent playback capability as a player, Speakers adopted are from ones of the full-fledged bass reflex type that makes you playback powerful bass. The amplifier section is 3.5W + 3.5W, it realizes a frequency characteristic of 50Hz to 20kHz, providing a high expression also as a player.


Recording via a USB to PC, records, CD, radio and cassette tape

The body top panel is provided with a USB port that can be connected to a personal computer. By using a PC recording software, you can record CD-R/RW, analog records, cassettes and the sound of radio AM/FM to the PC.
With the LP-R550USB, you will enjoy music forever.


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