Pro Tips on Buying Refurbished Audio/Video Receivers.

Pro Tips on Buying Refurbished

It's hard to resist those major sales periods in the winter, and spring clearance seasons. Now, imagine a place where you can take advantage of those deep discounts all year around! Here you'll find important tips on what to look for when buying refurbished products.

What does Refurbished Mean?

It is assumed a beaten up device that's been cleaned up and put together again in acceptable fashion. In a vast majority of cases, this is not true. Their are many simply reasons why a product is classified is refurbished that one should consider when taking advantage of savings.
Customer Returns:
Many large retailers like Best Buy have a 30-day return policy for their electronic products. We've all return products for various reasons in the past, most of the time, cause we changed our mind after a few days. Consider the fate of the unit after return. As the item is open, practically brand new and possibly used, the item is sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishment. Although the item is now classified as refurbished, only 5% of factory refurbished items are related to an actual product defect during production. These defects are repaired, inspected, repacked and ready for retail.
Open Box, Demonstration units
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