ASUS PG348Q Monitor


Asus PG348Q – Flagship of the ROG monitor fleet


There are few deals that can rival the savings factory refurbished monitors can provide. Whether for the workplace, gaming or casual use, one can buy upscale monitors at knockout prices or manage their budget.


Details of Refurbished Monitors:

Among the benefits of big discount prices, the product travels through a rigorous quality assurance process designed to eliminate issues, and test quality. Defective components are removed, replaced and repaired to ensure the value of the product is maintained. Monitors designated as A Grade quality indicate near mint condition on a physical and internal level including the all important screen quality. In addition, these products usually posses little to no marks or scratches on the body of the monitor. Each A Grade designated product is tested by a quality assurance professional to ensure the product passes the quality standard that allows the sale of certified refurbished monitors. All Skadi Electronics monitors are within this designation.


Generally, customers return monitors due to common issues of backlight bleeding or dead pixels whether new or refurbished. But refurbished monitors are subjected to testing to ensure these issues are not found in A Grade monitors. In addition, improperly packed monitors increase risk of damage through transit. The good news is that trusted dealers and brands take shipping damage and packaging very seriously, and offer warranties or exchanges should a defect be found. If you are okay with the potential of slight scratches, then refurbished monitors are perfect for you.


What to look for in a refurbished monitor:

  • Deep Discount Pricing - 20% to as high as 50% off!

Refurbished products offer enormous savings for customers looking to budget their purchase or find great deals on high end products. Customers should compare refurbished prices to retail prices. Often savings can be from 20% to as high as 50% off retail prices for monitors. Particularity on the high-end products, monetary savings can be in the few hundreds with little to no downside and a high-end product in your hand on the upside.


  • Warranty & Post-Purchase Services

Trusted dealers provide warranties or exchange offers for customers as a signal to customers that they care about your post purchase experience. Trusted and confident dealers typically offer 30 to 90 days warranty for products, and 2 weeks for returns, exchanges or refunds. This provides customers with enough time to test their product before settling down.


  • Quality Control Standards

The quality of a product can usually be determined by customer satisfaction. Customer reviews are a good example of customer satisfaction. While there are some inherit risks associated with buying factory refurbished products, these risks can be cut down through warranties, refunds and exchange offerings were a customer really has nothing to lose. Grade A factory refurbished will ensure no dead pixels, and back-light bleeding are present through a series of visual quality tests. Physical damage repair and safe packaging are also part of these quality control standards. Each Grade A factory refurbished designated product is tested to working perfect condition and is essential to receiving the quality product to meet your hard earned buck.


Final Thoughts:

Customers should study the price differences, warranty/exchanges offerings and quality/trust of the dealer when deciding on saving big. The perception of refurbished products is generally not a high one, but familiarity of QA process gives peace of mind about product reliability. All the while pricing makes certain that you'll be making your most cost-effective purchase ever for the monitor you dream about. The services offered by the dealer post-purchase are designed to protect the customer and help mitigate all the risks associated with factory refurbished purchases to ensure a big bang for your buck.