What are Gaming Routers and What Do They Do?

What are Gaming Routers and What Do They Do?

Not commonly known -- A gaming router, is designed to provide customers with a splendid online gaming experience. But what exactly are these gaming routers doing as opposed to standard routers? 

Gaming Router Features                                                                    

 Key Differences:

  1. QoS (Quality of Service) - QoS is focused on sending network data where ever it needs to go.

Typically your standard router equally prioritizes network data when it comes to internet connection.  Your roommate or children streaming Netflix or gaming while you watch YouTube, it doesn't matter to your router. Your router will attempt to provide equal connection to all devices using your Wi-Fi. Therefore overuse of network data will cause your Wi-Fi to slow down and become laggy while gaming.

 QoS attempts to always balance demands rather than reduce other peoples network, but gaming will always take priority.

      2. Gigabit Ethernet - How many Ethernet ports does it have?

As you may know, Ethernet is best suited for gaming as direct connection. Gaming routers have Gigabit Ports for those with ultra-fast internet connections. In addition, gaming routers have more Ethernet ports as compared to standard routers. The right question to ask is how many devices do you need wired directly. 

      3. Specifications (Hardware)

Faster CPUs and more RAM are the main focus of gaming routers. Increased processing speed and memory subsequently leads to less latency, more flexibility and better execution of advanced QoS features in the router. Gaming routers host the next generation Wi-Fi standards like the 802.11ax WiFi standard for better efficiency, throughput and range.

      4. Multi-Band Wi-Fi

Gaming routers use tri-band wireless networking. That means you can dedicate one powerful 5GHz band to gaming only to avoid competing with other devices on your network.

Many of these features are not found in lower end standard routers but as these features are the main core for gaming routers, they are available on the lower end of gaming router models.

Network Prioritization                                                                          

To reap the full advantages of your gaming router you must configure your router priorities. After all, if you want the best gaming experience you must prioritize your router to deliver you the best possible service. Some ways your gaming router can be prioritized are the following:

  • Prioritize by Service (Specific App -- Ex: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Netflix, NBA 2K20).
  • Prioritize by Network (Set your wireless or wired connection as the most important).
  • Prioritize by IP address (Prioritize a specific device as the highest priority in your household)

This way, specific devices or applications can be prioritized over others, this way, you can enhance your gaming experience to the fullest extent or simply your streaming services such as Netflix to the best possible quality.

Are they worth it?                                                                                 

Gaming routers come with genuine features such as prioritizing, advanced QoS features, more ethernet ports, more antennas for stronger range, latest wireless hardware

Gaming Routers are best suited for busy households or multiple roommates. The active QoS features distinguishes your network usage when gaming from the rest and prioritizes network connection to that stream over all other usages such as 4K video streaming, Netflix, Download etcs... . More Ethernet ports, allowing more devices to be connected and prioritized by the router.